Thursday, June 5, 2008

Force and Motion

For our unit of science we are doing force and motion. We were to divide into groups of 4 and do a variety of activities about force and motion. We would document all of our work by using a camera, a laptop, and the good old-fashion paper and pencil. At the end we would make an erok (electronic representation of knowledge). My group was me, Brayden, Natalie, and Stephannie. To see the website that we made go to: Our group started off a little rough. I was basically doing most of the work. But now it's just 3 of us doing the work. All that Stephannie is doing is watching us. well she did make the friction erok but I don't thinks she was listening when we were actually doing the activities. If you want you can go to our site, click on Eroks and watch our eroks.