Wednesday, May 21, 2008

French Presentation

Yesterday we had a french presentation. We had to go in partners and do a phone call in french. I think that my partner and I got a good mark because we had props and stuff. The teacher gave us a topic and we had to write a diologue for it then presentate it.

Math Test

Today we had a math test. I think that I did good because there was only 1 question that I didn't really understand, but I think that I got it right. I'm hoping that I got a good mark because I really want to get a gold honour roll. I also want to get the high achievement award but a gold is still nice.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

King Tut

In our L.A. class we are doing mysteries. The mystery I decided to choose was King Tut. We had to make a video about him on photostory or movie maker. You can find mine on the homepage on my webstite.

French Project

We are also doing a french project that is due today. We got to go in partners, but I did most of the work. I did last night. We had to make a phone call conversation in French and English. Our teacher gave us a topic to talk about.

Science Project

Today we are making a presentation on the biodiversity in Saskatchewan. First we had to take a 1 meter square area from the field in our school and look at all of the plants and insects the live and grow in that area. We are making graphs and a slide show presentation.